Carissa FerroDirector of Communications and Marketing

TRE offers such simple and transformative tools for self-regulation and healing trauma, that I can’t help but want to spread the word.

Carissa Ferro is the Director of Communications and Marketing at TRE Los Angeles. She comes to TRE after spending several years building her online coaching business from soup to nuts. As a coach, Carissa served women who struggled with body image and emotional eating; educating them about the stress-disease connection, developing signature group programs, and delivering original content on a wide variety of topics. Carissa has a BFA in Media Arts from the University of Arizona, where she studied film, video, and digital production. She has maintained her special interest in media theory, specifically gender representation, to this day. She loves science fiction films, fantasy novels, and lives with her husband and two children in Northridge, CA.

At TRE Los Angeles, Carissa provides:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Brand development
  • Social media management
  • Public relations support