Karen ColasuonnoThe Resilience Toolkit Certified Facilitator

Our bodies contain an innate capacity to heal themselves and we only need to be taught how to access this endless source of wellness inside of all of us in order to experience it for ourselves.

After 22 years working in the healthcare industry, Karen Colasuonno became the mother of a special needs child. Wanting more for her child than symptom relief, she began an eight-year journey to discover how today’s environment affects our bodies and sensory system. Discovering the positive and negative effects of common household practices and basic nutritional routines, she delved deeply into the root causes of many of the childhood ailments we encounter today. In 2008, Karen began a consulting business to help others learn about safe and natural approaches to treatment.

Introduced to TRE in 2012, Karen is a graduate of the TRE LA certification program and is a Certified TRE Provider. She incorporates TRE into her daily practice and has seen tremendous results from clients. Balanced Living Is So Simple (BLISS) is the basic principle of her consulting practice, which combines TRE with nutritional and holistic counseling.

As a Certified Facilitator, Karen offers:

  • Private instruction
  • Group instruction
  • Location: East San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire

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New clients: If this is your first appointment, please contact the office at info@trelosangeles.com or 323.254.7775. Online scheduling is available only for existing clients and trainees.


  • One day I woke up in excruciating pain, not knowing where it came from or how. I spoke with Karen, and she encouraged me to join a group. It helped. Karen brought to my attention that my left shoulder and hand and even fingers affected by the injury were showing concentrated shaking. Slowly I started to feel better. Although the doctors wanted to do neck surgery, I was convinced I was improving, and my follow-up appointments were reflecting that. I had a breakthrough during group TRE—I had a huge release, and slowly, over the course of a few weeks, the numbness in my fingers dissipated completely. No surgery needed! Karen is such a wonderful person, friend, and instructor.

    Tara LaRochelle
    Tara LaRochelle Inland Empire, CA
  • As a Wellness Director at a fairly large continuing care retirement community, I had Karen come and present a series of classes to our residents. I was delighted to see her ease with older adults and also her ability to quickly modify the movements and exercises to the needs of my residents. Karen is incredibly warm, passionate about wellness, enthusiastic, and very skilled as an instructor. I can't imagine having had a better instructor than Karen, and I know she is doing much to help the world heal itself.

    Dr. Ryan Harrison, Psy.D. - Wellness Director, Hillcrest Retirement Community
    Dr. Ryan Harrison, Psy.D. - Wellness Director, Hillcrest Retirement Community La Verne, CA