Mary P. ShriverTRE Certification Mentor,
Certified TRE Provider

Sports, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and massage are central to my wellbeing, but nothing gets me back to balance as simply or quickly as TRE®.

A native New Yorker, Mary P. Shriver first moved west in the 1980s after earning a B.S. in Psychology from Denison University. Working in the Los Angeles and Las Vegas markets, she has extensive experience in all aspects of public relations and marketing, including a decade-long stint as a corporate spokesmodel for companies such as Black and Decker, LG, Oracle, and Grass Valley.

As the first Certified TRE Provider in Los Angeles, Mary also holds a massage license and has since become certified as a Compassion Fatigue Educator with the Green Cross of Traumatology. She has taught TRE to physicians, nurses, and mental health clinicians at hospitals and agencies across the LA area. As a volunteer, she has shared TRE with burn survivors through the Phoenix Society and served on an international humanitarian response team teaching TRE to Typhoon Yolanda survivors, first responders, and clinicians in the Philippines.

Mary is the Immediate Past Executive Director of the TRE For All nonprofit, providing support to TRE Providers and organizations in more than 35 countries internationally.

As a Certified TRE Provider and Mentor, Mary provides:

  • Private instruction
  • Group instruction
  • Associate faculty of certification program
  • Location: San Fernando Valley

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  • My workday averages about 12 hours (sometimes 14 and even 16) nearly every day as we build our business. My work requires a lot of concentration. It’s stressful. Add to this a good bit of traffic, travel, meetings, and deadlines, and it takes a toll. TRE helps me take a moment to relax, clear my head, and refocus whenever necessary. I’m so glad I found it and can't imagine what my days might be without TRE.

    Jim Sandino
    Jim Sandino Sherman Oaks, California
  • I was lucky enough to meet Mary when she attended a yoga class I was teaching. As we talked afterward, I discovered her connection to David Berceli's TRE program, which I'd read about but never tried. Mary generously invited me to a TRE lesson, where I felt the power of the exercises, as well as the bliss of the shaking practice, for myself. Over the years, I've been impressed by Mary's knowledge of the body, by her expertise in the TRE system, and by her compassion. I recommend her to anyone seeking somatic-based stress reduction instruction.

    Shari Goodhartz, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
    Shari Goodhartz, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher Burbank, California
  • As a veteran recently discharged from the Navy, I struggled with homelessness, substance abuse, and finding balance in my life. Traditional treatments helped, but could only take me so far. TRE has opened me up to a mind-body connection that has allowed me to not only overcome the barriers in my life, but to truly thrive! Thank you!

    Eric Buss, United States Navy Veteran
    Eric Buss, United States Navy Veteran Los Angeles, California