Soleah NicolisCertified TRE Provider

I believe there is deep wisdom in our bodies. If we listen, we can hear what it is saying–opening the pathway to lead us home to greater peace, comfort and joy.

Soleah Nicolis found her way into the wellness field because of her own personal healing journey. She began her holistic health career in 2004, as an assistant to renowned chiropractor Dr. Eileen Kenny. Under her guidance, Soleah assisted with clients of all ages and backgrounds. Soleah’s curiosity about health, community, and service allowed her to apply her lifelong passion for helping people uncover and rediscover their wholeness.

Soleah is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and Certified Energy Balancing Therapist. She is also a Certified TRE Provider and graduated from the TRE Los Angeles’s certification program. She has extensive training and certifications in a variety of modalities, including energetic, emotional, structural, and chemical balancing. Soleah is on staff at Reconnect, an outpatient integrative trauma treatment center in Pacific Palisades, CA, and she has a thriving holistic practice in Altadena, CA, where she integrates TRE to inspire and empower clients to go deeper in their self-healing journeys.

As a Certified TRE Provider, Soleah offers:

  • Private instruction
  • Group instruction
  • Languages: Haitian Kreyol
  • Location: West San Gabriel Valley

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New clients: If this is your first appointment, please contact the office at or 323.254.7775. Online scheduling is available only for existing clients and trainees.


  • Working with Soleah Nicolis has helped me unwind a lifetime of stress and tension. She has helped release the pent-up pain of cancer treatments and surgeries, as well as helped me connect with the wise being inside. More importantly, she has helped me heal from "the inside out.” I know that I need never need fear illness again. I work in the extremely stressful Hollywood film industry, and Soleah's work with me helps me maintain the poise and calmness I need so that I can perform and lead at 100% of my abilities. Soleah's work has been of great assistance to my entire family. She works with my daughter and husband, and family members from Colorado who see Soleah every time they come to town. There is a newfound peace in my life, and that is directly attributable to Soleah's healing gifts.  

    Sue Shakespeare, Studio Executive and Film Producer
    Sue Shakespeare, Studio Executive and Film Producer Altadena, CA
  • Soleah has given me so many tools to grow spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. Her warmth, kindness, and listening skills are just as valuable as her technical skills as a practitioner. She will work with whatever you are comfortable with, and respect any emotions or concerns you may have. She also places herself in your shoes to understand and empathize, yet gives clear insight and honest advice on what you need the most to progress on your journey. She's an irreplaceable healer who I am forever grateful to have by my side to help me through life and call my friend.

    Aileen Barrameda
    Aileen Barrameda Santa Monica, CA
  • Soleah Nicolis, who is very insightful and compassionate in her approach, brought me through the trauma release process. She is knowledgeable in several modalities that she utilizes where appropriate when addressing the needs of her clients. I took Soleah’s TRE class with a group and learned techniques and possibilities through her suggestions to others as they experienced successes and difficulties with the practice. Soleah has a monthly drop-in session and is always available to answer questions or help a client process the deep inner workings of TRE from her holistic perspective.

    France White
    France White Pasadena, CA
  • I am a definite believer in TRE! It helps me release deep tension from my body and I feel much more peaceful. TRE has also helped me get rid of my teeth grinding at night. The experience of learning TRE was made more beautiful under the guidance of my wonderful teacher, Soleah Nicolis. She created an environment that was safe, educational, and fun!

    Silvia Hong
    Silvia Hong Los Angeles, CA
  • The TRE work I’ve done with Soleah Nicolis has been remarkable in its simplicity and effectiveness. Like so much of what Soleah has taught me, it’s very intuitive and accessible. It’s funny how sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. I guess that’s what makes having a guide like Soleah so wonderful. She’s helped me see beyond the ‘noise’ of my everyday life and look at myself with fresh, uncluttered eyes. TRE has helped me to feel more relaxed and much less anxious, and Soleah’s sincere kindness and generosity of spirit has been a true blessing. I’m so very grateful for the TRE work we’ve done together, and to have such a remarkable person in my life.

    Jonathan Thomson
    Jonathan Thomson Los Angeles, CA