Thanalan FATEs – Final Fantasy XIV Guide

Thanalan FATEs – Final Fantasy XIV Guide

Below is a list of FATEs in the various areas of

FINAL FANTASY XIV: ARR – Bots in Western Thanalan (Phoenix Server)

The GM said there was nothing he could do and left them unchecked.

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Starter Guide Series – Episode 2: Meet Your FATE

Episode 2:
Mayra introduces Kaz to class quests and how he can unlock different classes starting at level 10. Kaz encounters his first FATE, an open world encounter where everyone nearby can take part.

Learn everything you need to know to start the adventure of a lifetime in FINAL FANTASY XIV Online.
Tune into this short video series for tips and tricks to make your early steps into the realm of Eorzea even better.

00:00 – Intro
00:07 – Unlocking class quests
01:22 – Tracking quest objectives
02:02 – Participating in FATEs

Starter Guide Series:


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Hitting max level in Final Fantasy 14! How long did it take me?

Annie’s first level 80 in Final Fantasy 14

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