Ash of War – Shield Bash – Elden Ring Guide

Ash of War – Shield Bash – Elden Ring Guide

The Ash of War – Shield Bash is one of the many equippable Ash of War Weapon Skills found throughout Elden Ring, and one that you can equip to your weapon to

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1 QUICK TIP for EVERY Ash Of War in Elden Ring!

I decided to split this into two videos, one covering assignable ashes of war and the other covering unique skills you can find on special weapons. I tried making it all one video and I could hear my PC crying. Be on the lookout for a unique skills guide here in the next few days!
If you’d like more tips on how to use Elden Ring’s magic system, then… well I hope I satisfied you because we just finished that.

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Thumbnail art by @jonnyloaf

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0:05 Assassin’s Gambit
0:14 Barbaric Roar
0:24 Barrage
0:32 Barricade Shield
0:41 Beast’s Roar
0:51 Black Flame Tornado
0:57 Blood Blade
1:12 Blood Tax
1:22 Bloodhound’s Step
1:37 Bloody Slash
1:49 Braggart’s Roar
2:00 Carian Greatsword
2:06 Carian Retaliation
2:20 Charge Forth
2:35 Chilling Mist
2:46 Cragblade
3:04 Determination
3:19 Double Slash
3:29 Earthshaker
3:43 Enchanted Shot
3:49 Endure
4:03 Eruption
4:10 Flame of the Redmanes
4:21 Flaming Strike
4:30 Giant Hunt
4:45 Glintblade Phalanx
5:00 Glintstone Pebble
5:17 Golden Land
5:39 Golden Parry
5:56 Golden Retaliation
6:08 Golden Vow
6:25 Gravitas
6:33 Hoarah Loux’s Earthshaker
6:50 Hoarfrost Stomp
7:10 Holy Ground
7:29 Ice Spear
7:44 Impaling Thrust
7:53 Kick
7:59 Lifesteal Fist
8:13 Lightning Ram
8:22 Lightning Slash
8:35 Lion’s Claw
8:38 Loretta’s Slash
8:50 Mighty Shot
8:56 Parry
9:02 Phantom Slash
9:16 Piercing Fang
9:25 Poison Moth Flight
9:32 Poisonous Mist
9:46 Prayerful Strike
9:58 Prelate’s Charge
10:04 Quickstep
10:08 Rain of Arrows
10:15 Raptor of the Mists
10:26 Repeating Thrust
10:32 Royal Knight’s Resolve
10:33 Sacred Blade
10:35 Sacred Order
10:50 Seppuku
11:04 Shared Order
11:14 Shield Bash
11:17 Shield Crash
11:29 Sky Shot
11:40 Spectral Lance
11:49 Spinning Chain
11:59 Spinning Slash
12:11 Spinning Strikes
12:12 Spinning Weapon
12:18 Square Off
12:21 Stamp (Sweep)
12:23 Stamp (Upward Cut)
12:27 Storm Assault
12:37 Storm Blade
12:50 Storm Stomp
13:02 Storm Wall
13:18 Stormcaller
13:28 Sword Dance
13:34 Thops’s Barrier
13:42 Through and Through
13:46 Thunderbolt
13:52 Torch Attack
13:56 Unsheathe
14:07 Vacuum Slice
14:13 Vow of the Indomitable
14:25 War Cry
14:33 Waves of Darkness
14:49 White Shadow Lure
14:57 Wild Strikes

Elden Ring: Ash of War Shield Bash Location

Elden Ring: Ash of War Shield Bash Location