Prologue – Northern Undead Asylum – Dark Souls Guide

Prologue – Northern Undead Asylum – Dark Souls Guide

Welcome to Dark Souls! This is the walkthrough for the prologue of the game – the Northern Undead

Asylum & Firelink | 100% Walkthrough | Dark Souls Remastered | #01

First episode of a 100% Walkthrough of Dark Souls Remastered
Items included in this video listed under:

0:00-Intro & Opening Cinematic
6:51-Dungeon Cell Key
6:56-Demon’s Great Hammer
8:00-Estus, Big Pilgrims Key & Undead Asylum F2 East Key
10:41-Soul of a lost undead
12:03-Crow Cutscene
13:12-3x humanity
13:25-6x Firebombs
13:35-Petrush: Miracle Merchant & Copper Coin
15:22-Soul of a lost undead
15:35-6x Homeward Bone
15:47-Morningstar & Talisman
15:53-Cracked Red Eye Orb
15:56-Lloyds talisman 4x
16:06-Large soul of a lost undead
16:30-Winged Spear
16:50-Soul of a lost undead 2x
17:47-Caduceus Round Shield
17:56-Soul of a lost undead
18:30-Soul of a lost undead & Ring of Sacrifice
19:58-Crestfallen Warrior Dialogue

Dark Souls – Northern Undead Asylum – Part 1 Walkthrough

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Dark Souls pt1 – Prologue – Northern Undead Asylum