Units – Civilization 6 Guide

Units – Civilization 6 Guide

There are various types of units in Civilization VI, many of which are for military purposes but some which have their own niche utility. For example, you have

Religion Strategy Guide Civ 6 | How to win Religion victory with Apostles?

Civilization 6 religion guide for beginners and experienced players. Find out what beliefs work best for the religious victory and how to make your religious units unstoppable.
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How to get religious victory in civ 6? https://youtube.com/shorts/20R36ZcNOJE
Using faith beyond religion https://youtube.com/shorts/EEaEDmxqG5Q
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01:46 Beliefs
05:30 Units
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11:15 Conversion Strategy

(Civ 6) The BEST Unit For Each Era In Civilization VI | Tips/Guide For Civilization 6

In civilization 6 every era has different units in civ 6. This civilization vi guide has tips for which unit to build in each era of civ vi. Find out the BEST unit for each era in civilization vi, in this civ vi guide by thecivlifer.

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00:00 Intro
00:37 Ancient Era HM
01:39 Ancient Era BEST
03:14 Classical Era HM
04:15 Classical Era BEST
05:26 Medieval Era HM
06:13 Medieval BEST
07:55 Renaissance Era Tie
08:55 Industrial Era HM
09:35 Industrial Era BEST
10:35 Modern Era HM
11:13 Modern Era BEST
12:18 Atomic Era HM
13:01 Atomic Era BEST
14:02 Information Era HM
14:41 Information Era BEST

Civilization VI Guides #5: Religion

Please read the description for more information about the video’s topics before asking questions. It is not mandatory; this information is just in case you want more advanced information. You may also ask for more information in the comments.

If there are any changes in Rising Storm, I will mention them in this video, through annotations or in the description.

0:34 If you build Stonehenge, you get a great prophet for free. You still may want to build a holy site for the choral music bonus, as well as the ability to build religious units.

1:40 The “Holy Site Prayers” project in the city is volatile in terms of faith per turn. However, if you finish the project, the great Prophet points earned is about 10-13 points.

2:22 Jesuit education is placed second because in the early game, faith is more useful towards religious units, or settlers and builders if you are in a golden age at this time. Usually, you’ll just build your first cities’ campus and theater square buildings.

2:58 Choral music is an “equivalent” to the first two buildings of the amphitheater , in terms of culture. It does not have the great work slots, but against deity level AI, you may never get these Great People. So your holy buildings will rival the theater square buildings unless you have bonuses from a city state to boost those buildings’ culture output.

4:20 The Cathedral’s placement as number one is biased towards a cultural victory. It comes from me playing multiple games against deity AI, and the extra tourism is not to be waived off. You may move the art to museums if you wish, but I usually purchase or steal all Great Works from other Civs until my slot are full, just to get every bit of tourism for victory.

4:53 Cross Cultural Dialogue is placed second because it’s hard to maintain followers in other religions. Usually, you’ll get +2 or +3 science from this bonus if your neighbors have religions, even if you are actively pushing your religion. This is because inquisitors are incredibly strong and will shut down most of your followers in other Civs.

5:37 Crusade is good, but you have to strike quickly. If you take too long, a good player will see your attack from a mile away. You would basically have to spread your religion, then attack almost immediately before they convert their cities back. The same goes with AI, but the AI usually stores a lot of inquisitors in their cities if they are religious oriented.

7:00 The missionary is best in large groups and with an Apostle. The Apostle has a promotion that removes 75% of a religion from a city. Using this ability first, then using Missionaries can convert the city in a single turn. Doing this quickly to multiple cities can result in complete religious dominance over a Civ, unless they have a lot of religious units stockpiled.

8:02 The City State “Yerevan” allows you to chose any promotion from the Apostles 10 promotions. With Moksha, you can choose any two; however some combinations are forbidden, such as the ability that removes 75% pressure and Translator, which gives triple pressure strength when spreading your religion in foreign cities.

8:32 The Inquisitor has approximately twice the religious spread strength as the Missionary, while being just as cheap. It only takes two Inquisitor charges to convert cities that have about 10- 12 population, whereas the missionary takes 4-5 charges.